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23 June 2022 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

The global scope of businesses continues to rise as does the demand for the right talent at every level. It is becoming increasingly more critical to find talented senior executives in particular who are worth the investment.

Success today depends on tangible and intangible competencies such as teamwork and cross-cultural literacy which are rarely found on resumes. With a bad fit, regardless of skill, an employee is never going to reach their optimum performance and might result in a very expensive hire both in terms of dollars and time spent.

​The solution is to implement strategies that identify the right talent (skills and abilities) and the right fit (personally, culturally, and socially). Behavioural Based Interviewing is a technique that can help you accurately assess a candidate’s skills and abilities and accuracy of fit. The technique looks at what the candidate has actually done vs. what they hypothetically would like to do.

​In this part webinar on Behavioural-based Interviewing Techniques, you can learn how to find a “STAR” candidate in your next interview.

​You will learn:

  • What is Behavioural Based Interviewing and why is it important?
  • Behavioural-based vs. traditional interviewing
  • Example framework to develop structured interview questions
  • What do competency-based questions look like?

Whether you’re an experienced or novice interviewer, you will benefit from these techniques and will be able to adopt them to reduce risk in your next interview.

Who should attend? Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources and TA Professionals, Organization and Development Professionals

This is a past webinar. Watch the webinar recording to catch up on valuable information you missed the first time around.

Reduce Risk & Identify S.T.A.R Candidates Using Behavioural-Based Interview (BBI) Techniques